Tom Clary, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, has never strayed far from the area, and knows it like the back of his hand. It’s with this exceptional knowledge of the area, in-depth analysis of the real estate market, and skill in marketing properties that enables him to provide a quality of service to his clients that is second-to-none. “My goal is to always take your expectations of an agent, whether buying or selling your home – and surpass them.” he says. “I will not settle for anything less than a superior experience with the people I represent. Period.”

Tom learned his passionate work ethic at a very young age from his parents. At 6 years-old, his father, an aircraft builder at Lockheed, and his mother, a manager at Baskin-Robbins, opened their own business – an ice cream store in Tartan. He watched as the two of them built their business over the years by working long hours, putting in hard work, ultimately creating a successful and thriving business. After graduating college, Tom brought this same work ethic to the film industry. While working in the Digital Visual Effects field, he was privileged to have worked on a multitude of motion pictures, including three (“Titanic”, “Independence Day”, and “What Dreams May Come”) that went on to win the Academy Award in the category for Best Visual Effects.

It was during his time in Digital Visual Effects that Tom discovered and developed his significant artistic talent in both photography and visual design – both indispensable elements in the successful marketing of property. His ability as a real estate and landscape photographer have earned him the respect and business of numerous top real estate agents. They come to him for his expertise of being able “to tell the story each distinctive home wants to tell” in pictures.

Tom is also known for his keen negotiating skills, problem solving, and “out-of-the-box” thinking. “Whether it’s buying or selling, I will always work harder than anyone else to achieve the result they want. This is the rule I not only run my business by but live by, as well.”