Episode 008 – From Zero To Down Payment

Happy New Year! And if your resolution was to save up for a down payment for a new home — this is the episode for you! We interview Tim Denton from Capstone Partners and get financial guidance on how you can put money into your pocket in 2017 and then keep it. We start off by talking about how timeframes and temperament and how that should dictate how aggressive a financial strategy will be. We then chat about doing a spending audit and how different potential sources of income, fixed costs, and discretionary spending affect a specific plan. Ron talks to us about how money that is already invested is discounted by underwriters and will apply as less towards qualifying for the loan. We then talk about the role that real estate can have in someone’s wealth portfolio. This leads to a conversation with Ron about the common misconception that you need 20% down in order to buy a house. There are programs (FHA, Down Payment Assistance Programs) where you can put down as low as 3%. All this and a whole lot more great information and advice to help you save up for a down payment for your new home in 2017!

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