Episode 005 – Interview w/ Steve Landsman & Vahan Papyan

Episode 005 of the podcast is a very important one for anyone who have ever asked the question, “How do I get approved for a loan if I’m a freelancer or go project-to-project?” The process can sometimes be a frustrating one, but doesn’t have to be — with the right strategy and team. Ron and I are joined by Steve Landsman and Vahan Papyan, accountants with the firm Squar Milner LLP and we start off with a quick conversation about the potential tax advantages of buying vs renting and how Steve and Vahan help build the plan to help the freelancer get qualified. We also cover what type of income verification you need, the pros and cons of incorporating, and how having a home office can provide a good deduction on you income tax. All-in-all, it a very informative episode and a great, interesting listen!

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