Episode 004 – Interview w/ Ron Bruno (pt. 3)

Our third and final part of our interview with Ron Bruno (Lender at Guaranteed Rate and co-host) starts off bang! Tom’s starts off with a rant about how Real Estate Agents bend facts to fit whatever narrative they want to tell. He warns everyone that there is a big difference between being guided by a Protector Agent, who is looking out for your best interest, instead of being led by Salesperson Agents (S.A.’s) and Weak Agents (W.A.’s). We go on to talk about why PMI needs to be added to a loan and the potential tax advantages of rolling it into the balance mortgage. We also go over the loan contingency in the California purchase contract — and when it needs to be released. We go over the “know before you owe” guideline — or TRID — and then wrap up by discussing the high likelihood that your loan will be sold to another financial institution. It’s a great way to wrap up our “deep dive” into home lending and mortgages.

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