Episode 002 – Interview w/ Ron Bruno (Part 1)

For our second podcast, we’re staying close to home (so to speak) with an interview with our incredibly knowledgable co-host, Ron Bruno, and the first of three episodes where we take a deep dive into the process of lending and mortgages. We start off the conversation by talking about how the biggest mistake buyers usually make is to get ahead of themselves by shopping and falling in love with a home before they even talk to a lender. If they have found a place that they think is their dream home, it’s usually too late at that point to start the process. The first step is actually to start looking for a lender they can trust, be it a direct lender (the big banks), a mortgage broker, or a third option — a mortgage bank. We go over the benefits (and cons) of each of the options and then talk about the first steps potential buyers need to take in order to get approved prior to shopping. We then wrap up by asking how lenders like Ron should help his clients — and their agents — “tell the story” of their clients and get their offers accepted. Ron provides a lot of great information and a whole lot of clarity to the topic and helps illuminate the first steps of what can be an incredibly exciting journey.

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